Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pro-Fx Makeup Tips - 'Thinking outside the (Makeup) Box '

There's never enough hours in the day, and every little technique, trick or device we can employ to help things along saves time as well as a little stress.

This month, I'm looking at useful items to have in your makeup kit that don't take up a lot of space, don't cost much, but are really helpful to have around.

Like many interesting things, these are usually available from Art/Craft suppliers, in this case near the Fine Artists section, brushes, paints etc.

1. 'Fold up' Brushes and Tool pots.

They come in at least 2 sizes and are sold as water holders. However, they are great to pack down and carry with you for putting a whole load of other things inside besides water once you've set up !

2. Clip on Liquid Holders.

They are small and made of metal, designed for clipping to the side of an Oil Painters palette I believe, but they also clip brilliantly onto the lid of your Tattoo or any Alcohol activated ink sets. This gives you a ready to hand supply of Isopropyl Alcohol for working with your makeup inks, especially good when you're on the run, on set etc. You can also keep 2 or 3 clipped onto your kit so that you can cover a range of colours/shades at once without having to do too much pot cleaning.

3. 'Six Up' Palettes.

So, you've got your Clip on alcohol holder, and you want to work with a range of colours from your Makeup/Tattoo Ink palette, but you don't want all the colours to run together on the lid which you usually use to mix on ! Drop one of these on the lid of your Inks and you can contain any of your mixed colours easily. Better still, if they dry out, you can re-activate later with more alcohol and they're ready to go again. Also great for continuity, and keeps your Ink Kit lid clean and professional looking.

4. Water Brushes.

I've not made as much use of these as I should, but they are brilliant for keeping a ready made wash of any alcohol based colour in for doing makeup/prosthetic Fx work. I find them really useful for continuity, and they save having to carry a whole palette + alcohol around, especially on set, and particularly if you may only need 2 or 3 colours. Really great for casualty work, quickly darkening in wounds, adding dried blood effects etc.

5. Tool Holders.

Available from Tiranti's, these little plastic telescopic tubes are perfect for putting tools, sharp items, odd brushes, or even straws for your actors (for when they're drinking and wearing full prosthetics).